Forza Racing

Forza Racing focuses on utilizing only the very best equipment, while at the same time providing their drivers with a fantastic team environment that encompasses, driver management, coaching, data analysis and feedback.

In two years since the teamís inception, the team has been crowned European Champions, WSK Final Cup Champions as well as becoming British vice-champions and a third overall in the KFJ World Championships.

The team has also so far managed to bag a second overall in the WSK Gold Cup and also win the Trofeo Andrea Margutti with Kush along with a 2nd place at Round 2 of the WSK Champions Cup.

The team prides itself on getting the maximum potential out of drivers by following four main steps:

  • Preparation: Awning space is provided to drivers, with each driver receiving two karts prepared in immaculate condition, for an optimal start to a race weekend.
  • Testing: Organised test days for the team are organised to ensure all drivers are up to speed on equipment prior or post events. Data analysis is carried out to benefit drivers.
  • Driver Coaching: Drivers will receive coaching from a respective mechanic from our expert team, aswell as guidance from Jamie Croxford, former Birel Works Driver.
  • Success: After the natural progression of the first three steps, the final aim is that drivers succeed in the races. Aiming to build on a fantastic first two years for the team.

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