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J.K.Tyre: With a rich heritage in Indian Motorsports, J.K.Tyre began supporting Kush in 2018. The company seeks to promote and nurture young racing talent in India and have backed almost all the Indian drivers who have made a mark globally.


Looking for an interesting way to market your company and brand? Kush Maini offers you a unique and enterprising way for you to draw more eyeballs. By partnering with a driver competing in a series promoted by automotive giants Renault, your brand will be one of the few out there that supports an internationally acclaimed racing driver in an internationally acclaimed series.

The championship has intensive media coverage and also has a dedicated YouTube channel that stream all the races live. Further the championship garners significant attention from the Formula One paddock and is run on exclusively Formula One circuits as well as featuring as a support race for the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

Further Kush will also offer the following benefits:

  • Logos on his Racecar and Race-wear.
  • VIP passes to all the races.
  • Unique track day experiences for both company members and prospective clients.
  • Promotional videos.
  • Access to race-weekend hospitality.
  • Media events and Press conferences.

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